Next week at the 100° Festival in Berlin, i will be performing with the collective “Continuous Variation” on Thursday, February 20, at 22:00 in the Hochzeitssaal at Sophiensaele. This improv project features work with motion tracking technology on both a visual and audio level, and is sure to be fun! Stellar lineup: with David Bloom (dance), Elena Kakaliagou (french horn), Marcello Lussana (laptop/motion tracking), Daniel Huber (visuals/motion tracking), Miriam Akkermann (flute/live electronics).

Continuous Variation

Continuous Variation – Elena Kakaliagou

Also check out the coming months’ upcoming screenings around the world of Quintet – a choreopornographic experiment, and various opportunities to take the workshop Sex and Space – Choreographing the Scene, based on the tools we used to create the film.