Short version: Come and join me in a few short weeks at ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival for the workshop Sex & Space – A Workshop on Dance, Desire, and Performing the Erotic Body. SOOOO stoked to be teaching at my favorite dance festival EVER!
Long version: This festival is very, very special to me – i went there the first time many years ago for some beginners’ workshops when i was just starting to dance, and have been back several times since, most notably with my beloved danceWEBbers in 2012 – seriously, i don’t even know if i would still be dancing today if it weren’t for ImPulsTanz – it popped up more than once to pick me up and inspire me at the right time when i was about to give it all up…
When i started researching erotic energy in artistic processes, something that had often been very present for me in projects but rarely addressed, i felt that my work was becoming more popular in the “conscious sexuality” context than in the contemporary dance world (although there was some amazing support from there as well – and i’m extraordinarily grateful to all the erotic art, tantra, bdsm, queer, and/or sex-positive festivals that invited me). However, my interest has always been primarily choreographic – that is, not remaining in the internal personal process forever, but using that process creatively and playfully to expand our shared experience. So, i’d be lying if i said i didn’t feel a certain legitimation of the last three years’ work in being at ImPulsTanz this Summer – but most of all, i think it will be fun! See You there! xxx