Huzzah Dance Fans!
Greetings from Nuremberg/Fürth, the Bavarian hotspot where i’m currently working with old friend and all-around great person Barbara Bess and her company WildeVerwandteProduktionen on her new piece tonträger_ein körperkonzert.


Photo by Sven Hagolani

Premiere will be March 17 at the Tafelhalle in Nuremberg. Further performances are March 18, 23 & 24, April 28 & 29, and May 1. If You’re in the greater Nuremberg area, stop on by!
It’s rare these days that i’m a “hired body” for someone else’s choreography, and i’m really enjoying having ZERO responsibilities for a change… just show up & rehearse, no admin, no dealing with theaters, funding, etc., while still getting to dance! Good to do this once in a while.

In other news:

FRIENDS, ROMANS, COUNTRYPEOPLE! This coming weekend, i’ll be teaching my Valentine’s Day special workshop The Choreography of a Play Party at awesome alternative space Forte Prenestino in Rome as part of the festival Le Frociate.
February 13 & 14, 11:00 to 18:00 both days. Register NOW at
Full workshop description HERE, FB event HERE.




SONATA, second part of the Sex & Space Trilogy, will be screening at Cinekink 2016 in New York City, at the Film Anthology Archives, on March 3 at 7pm. It’s always especially exciting for me to have my work shown in my spiritual home town.

And Quintet – a choreopornographic experiment, the first part of the series, from 2013, isn’t dead yet either, as it will be screening at the Festival Je(ux) de Genres at the Théâtre Massenet in Lille, France, on March 10, at 8pm.

Also, hard at work editing PART THREE of the Trilogy after completing principal photography last month! More on that soon…

Sadly, i won’t be able to attend the screenings in either NYC or Lille, but if You make it, let me know. I love having a spy in the audience!

Sending You all much love, many kisses, and all the best for your own projects, lives, loves, connections!