Photo by Roberto Duarte

Happy Summer, Dance Fans!

I hope this finds You fabulous. Apologies for the long silence (or alternately, You’re welcome!) – i have been on a bit of a mini-sabbatical the past few months, questioning, questing, re-assessing.

And now, for upcoming hoo-hah and assorted:

Next weekend, July 20-27 in Berlin, is the fabulous STRETCH Summer Festival (for men*), where i will be facilitating two workshops, Spanking for Beginners at 4:30pm on the Friday, and Moving from the Bones, a contemporary dance class on the Sunday at 11am. It will be my fourth time at STRETCH and i can only invite You to what is always a wonderfully heart-opening festival and beautiful community.

In the fall, i am very excited to be sharing my research as part of Tanzfabrik Berlin’s Performance Project Series, every Monday and Wednesday for seven weeks from November 5 to December 19. There will always be a 90-minute contemporary dance class on Pleasure as a potential path for accessing “technique” at 6:15pm which is open for anyone to join, followed by the Performance Project, on Desire, from 8:00-10:00pm, which is for a closed group and will culminate in a showing on December 19. You’re more than welcome to join both the class and project for the full experience, or drop in to the class occasionally (also see the full description below).

Hope to see You around and wishing You all a fantastic rest of your summer!

David B.