September & October News

Kay Garnellen in Shapeshifters

Kay Garnellen in Shapeshifters

Happy September, Dance Fans!

Greetings from a hotel lobby in Zurich, Switzerland, where i’ll be joining artist Daniel Hellmann TONIGHT (September 11), at 6pm at Réunion, for a talk about BOUNDARIES, artistic and otherwise. Daniel will also be performing his piece Full Service. The talk is part of the Manifesta 11 Parallel Events.
Come spontaneously if You happen to be in town!

Loads of stuff going on these next two months, including the intergalactic premiere of Shapeshifters, third and final short film in the Sex & Space Trilogy, at the end of October in Berlin! So here’s a quick rundown (click on the links for more info):

September 17 & 18, Brussels: Sex & Space – a workshop on dance, desire, and performing the erotic body – at Volksroom. This is my first time working in Brussels, and there are still some places available, so email Thomas at to secure a place!

September 21, Nuremberg: Teaching a Contemporary Dance Technique morning class, of all things – which i do far too rarely these days – at Tanzzentrale.

September 24: Performing for and with Susanna Curtis as part of the Bavarian Transformance cityXchange project at Tafelhalle Nuremberg. Returning to the Tanztheater roots! We’ll be showing the duet again in Regensburg on October 8.

September 30, Basel: Sonata, part two of the Sex & Space Trilogy, will be screening at 11pm as part of the festival luststreifen – queer cinema basel

October 1 & 2: Making Senses – co-teaching a workshop on movement and perception with longtime ally and collaborator Barbara Bess at the Alte Schule, near Nuremberg

October 14-16, Berlin: Teaching two workshops at the Body IQ Festival at the Somatische Akademie, on Group Dynamics of Desire – also speaking on a panel discussion about somatics moderated by Jochen Roller on the Saturday evening. This festival looks pretty interesting, with a cool lineup of teachers, and i’m really happy to be included. Looking forward to it!

October 26-30: PORN FILM FESTIVAL BERLIN, featuring (among other things) as mentioned above, the premiere of my new dance film Shapeshifters. Starring performers who usually work in porn in a fully clothed, non-explicit dance film, this one is a conceptual orgy of ideas! Check the festival website for exact screening times once they emerge.

Also at the Porn Film Festival: Artist/sex worker/pleasure activist Sadie Lune and myself will be hosting a panel on Sex-Positive Parenting!
The Berlin Porn Film Festival has seen a significant number of births within its community of sex radicals in recent years. Could it be considered the world’s most family-friendly porn festival? What are the particular challenges facing porn performers and makers, and others working with sexuality in raising kids? May there even be advantages as well?
How can we deal with social stigma attached to sex-positivity and sex work, while raising our kids to be conscious and confident about their bodies, identities, pleasure, and boundaries?

Sorry for the wordiness! Hope to see You at one or more of these and wishing You much love and happiness until we meet again!

David B.


July-August News

Shapeshifters Collage

Happy Summer, Dance Fans!

Sorry for the long silence – I’ve been heavily in research and development mode, mainly editing Shapeshifters, part THREE of the soon-to-be classic Sex & Space Trilogy (see nifty collage above). After two porn films with dancers, this one reverses the concept – it’s a dance film with porn stars, wherein Jiz Lee, Gala Vanting, Kay Garnellen, Bishop Black, & Jasko Fide talk about their performance practice & try out some contemporary dance improv tasks. This one has no sex or even nudity. Talk about radical!
is set to premiere in October 2016. More info & a trailer coming soon!
The next months see me return to public life, first off at the IDOCDE Symposium, “The Importance of Being (Un)Necessary” in Vienna, July 29-31, within the framework of the ImPulsTanz Festival at Arsenal. I’ll be hosting a lecture/interactive discussion on Conscious Sexuality Practices in Contemporary Dance Education, on Saturday, July 30, at 3:15pm.
The week directly afterwards, i’m thrilled to be presenting Sex & Space: a workshop on Dance, Desire, and Performing the Erotic Body during week 3 of ImPulsTanz, August 1-5 daily. There may still be some spaces available, so email to register and be part of the psychedelic and overwhelming cosmos that is ImPulsTanz.

Finally, after returning to Berlin, i’ll be switching contexts completely once again, and facilitating two workshops, Sensual Somatics and The Choreography of a Play Party, at the Liebeskunstfestival, happening just outside Berlin at the FARM, August 12-21.

Hope to catch You at one or more of these, and wishing You all the very, very best for your summer projects, professional, personal, political, and otherwise.

One Love!
David B.


February-March News

Huzzah Dance Fans!
Greetings from Nuremberg/Fürth, the Bavarian hotspot where i’m currently working with old friend and all-around great person Barbara Bess and her company WildeVerwandteProduktionen on her new piece tonträger_ein körperkonzert.


Photo by Sven Hagolani

Premiere will be March 17 at the Tafelhalle in Nuremberg. Further performances are March 18, 23 & 24, April 28 & 29, and May 1. If You’re in the greater Nuremberg area, stop on by!
It’s rare these days that i’m a “hired body” for someone else’s choreography, and i’m really enjoying having ZERO responsibilities for a change… just show up & rehearse, no admin, no dealing with theaters, funding, etc., while still getting to dance! Good to do this once in a while.

In other news:

FRIENDS, ROMANS, COUNTRYPEOPLE! This coming weekend, i’ll be teaching my Valentine’s Day special workshop The Choreography of a Play Party at awesome alternative space Forte Prenestino in Rome as part of the festival Le Frociate.
February 13 & 14, 11:00 to 18:00 both days. Register NOW at
Full workshop description HERE, FB event HERE.




SONATA, second part of the Sex & Space Trilogy, will be screening at Cinekink 2016 in New York City, at the Film Anthology Archives, on March 3 at 7pm. It’s always especially exciting for me to have my work shown in my spiritual home town.

And Quintet – a choreopornographic experiment, the first part of the series, from 2013, isn’t dead yet either, as it will be screening at the Festival Je(ux) de Genres at the Théâtre Massenet in Lille, France, on March 10, at 8pm.

Also, hard at work editing PART THREE of the Trilogy after completing principal photography last month! More on that soon…

Sadly, i won’t be able to attend the screenings in either NYC or Lille, but if You make it, let me know. I love having a spy in the audience!

Sending You all much love, many kisses, and all the best for your own projects, lives, loves, connections!



November/December News


Photo by René de Sans

Several weeks ago, SONATA, the second part of the Sex & Space Trilogy, premiered at the Berlin Porn Film Festival and was generally well received. Except perhaps by those who were expecting an exact remake of part one. But then again, i have not garnered a reputation by doing the expected! Ha!

See a little safe-for-work trailer here.

Meanwhile, no rest for the weary as we’ve already started shooting the THIRD part of the trilogy. This is by far the weirdest, most artsy/conceptual part, as after two “porn” films with “dancers”, it will be a non-explicit “dance” film with “porn performers” – whatever all those terms mean. I used the Porn Film Festival’s allure to shoot two scenes with in-town celebrities Gala Vanting and Jiz Lee. Note me looking extremely star-struck while taking a picture with Jiz. Gala is no less of a star, but we’ve hung out at festivals and such, so i was much more relaxed, whereas Jiz is a bit of an idol. But we both got through the shoot, and i’m looking forward to shooting the remaining scenes and hopefully releasing the final film next year.

Gala & me                  Jiz & me
Next up on the SONATA train is the PornyDays Festival in Zurich, where it will be screened on Saturday, November 28, at 11pm, as part of the LATE NIGHT LOVE short film program. See the complete program here.
Also as part of PornyDays, i will be giving the short version of the Sex & Space workshop, on dance, desire, and performing the erotic body at Tanzhaus Zürich, on Sunday, November 29, 2pm to 5pm. Register at


December 5-6: Sex & Space in Leipzig, 11am to 6pm both days. For more information and to register, email

And December 28-30, 3pm to 6pm all three days: Das Fest Der Liebe: Desire as a Tool for Performance, at Marameo Berlin. I love bringing my work to really different contexts, and this is one of them! Email to register and for more details.

Public Service Announcement: My email has occasionally been blocking legitimate messages recently, so if You feel i’ve owed You a response for some time, You may want to try sending your email from or to another address, or try contacting me via Facebook. On that note, i’ve been in touch with everyone who contributed to our SONATA crowdfunding campaign, and your perks have either already gone out or, in the case of the DVDs, will go out next week. If You’re still waiting to hear from me, please get in touch… Thanks!


Sonata at Berlin’s Porn Film Festival 2015

Just a quick message to happily report that SONATA is now CONFIRMED to have its world premiere at Berlin’s Porn Film Festival 2015, October 21-25 at the Moviemento Cinema.
Currently putting the finishing touches on post-production, and will be in touch with all supporters re:your crowdfunding perks in the coming few weeks.
Thanks for your patience, and your support of course! Much love to You all! xxx


Quintet screening at Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin June 10

On June 10, 6pm, Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin, where i did my choreography masters a few years ago, will be screening Quintet – a choreopornographic experiment – as part of their series RARE TRACKS, which features HZT alumni who have worked in ahem, unusual choreographic formats. I’m especially happy to be presenting my work in this context. Although i’m super grateful for all the queer/erotic/sex-positive/porn film festivals that have chosen to screen my work, my spiritual home  has always been the dance community, and it feels great to have my work acknowledged in that field as well. The screening, plus a discussion with HZT artistic director Nik Haffner and myself, will happen in Uferstudio 11. More here.


Continuous Variation at the Multiversal Festival

This SATURDAY at ALTES FINANZAMT in Berlin: Performing with CONTINUOUS VARIATION, a fabulously talented improv collective featuring Elena Kakaliagou (French Horn), Miriam Akkermann (Flute/Electronics), Marcello Lussana (Motion Tracking – Electronics, Daniel Huber (Motion Tracking – Visuals), and myself (Analog Dancing Body).

Facebook event HERE.

Address: Schönstedtstraße 7, 12043 Berlin-Neukölln, Station: U7 Rathaus Neukölln (Exit Schönstedtstraße)

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