December News

Happy Friday, Dance Fans!

November was so busy that i didn’t even have time to send out one of these… Australian mastermind Renae Shadler and i had a first showing of our collaborative work in progress Naming It at Lake Studios Berlin and i performed in choreographer Canan Erek’s site-specific project dance poetry in Wuppertal – some video here.

November was also a month of political fatigue, fear, and one hopes, rebirth. Not sure we need another white male opinion piece right now, so i’ll just refer You to the elegant prose of Oakland activist Cat Brooks here.
And if You think dance newsletters are no forum for politics, there’s always the unsubscribe button below.

So, December…:

Two workshops to finish the year, both on my long-researched subject of Dance, Desire, and Performing the Erotic Body:

First off, i’m super, super excited to bring секс и пространство to St. Petersburg, Russia (!) on December 10 & 11. The workshop will be happening all day both days at the Human Architecture Lab, run by the amazing Liliya Burdinskaya. Thanks Liliya for inviting me! Email Liliya for more information and to register!

And then, Berlin! For those of You who keep asking when i’ll be offering something in Berlin again, my friend and fab performer Daniel Hellmann is organizing a two-day Sex & Space workshop with myself at the marvelous ada Studio, located in the Uferstudios, December 29 & 30. If You have no plans for the dark days during what the Germans call “between the years”, come join us as we shine a little light on the end of the year. Email Daniel to register!

Wishing You lots and lots of love. Stay safe, compassionate, and curious.

Best from Berlin,
David B.


Ballet Tomorrow!

About once every 5 years or so, i take a deep journey into dance history and actually TEACH A CLASSICAL BALLET CLASS. Tomorrow, Friday November 25, at Dock 11 i will be substituting for THREE: Beginners at 10:00, Intermediate at 18:30, and Not-Quite-Beginners at 20:15.
Experience me remembering eurocentric, colonialist dance technique, and Foucault’s Disciplined Body. All contextualized, of course. Not to mention a chance to channel your inner Black Swan. Looking forward to seeing you ALL there.


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November/December News


Photo by René de Sans

Several weeks ago, SONATA, the second part of the Sex & Space Trilogy, premiered at the Berlin Porn Film Festival and was generally well received. Except perhaps by those who were expecting an exact remake of part one. But then again, i have not garnered a reputation by doing the expected! Ha!

See a little safe-for-work trailer here.

Meanwhile, no rest for the weary as we’ve already started shooting the THIRD part of the trilogy. This is by far the weirdest, most artsy/conceptual part, as after two “porn” films with “dancers”, it will be a non-explicit “dance” film with “porn performers” – whatever all those terms mean. I used the Porn Film Festival’s allure to shoot two scenes with in-town celebrities Gala Vanting and Jiz Lee. Note me looking extremely star-struck while taking a picture with Jiz. Gala is no less of a star, but we’ve hung out at festivals and such, so i was much more relaxed, whereas Jiz is a bit of an idol. But we both got through the shoot, and i’m looking forward to shooting the remaining scenes and hopefully releasing the final film next year.

Gala & me                  Jiz & me
Next up on the SONATA train is the PornyDays Festival in Zurich, where it will be screened on Saturday, November 28, at 11pm, as part of the LATE NIGHT LOVE short film program. See the complete program here.
Also as part of PornyDays, i will be giving the short version of the Sex & Space workshop, on dance, desire, and performing the erotic body at Tanzhaus Zürich, on Sunday, November 29, 2pm to 5pm. Register at


December 5-6: Sex & Space in Leipzig, 11am to 6pm both days. For more information and to register, email

And December 28-30, 3pm to 6pm all three days: Das Fest Der Liebe: Desire as a Tool for Performance, at Marameo Berlin. I love bringing my work to really different contexts, and this is one of them! Email to register and for more details.

Public Service Announcement: My email has occasionally been blocking legitimate messages recently, so if You feel i’ve owed You a response for some time, You may want to try sending your email from or to another address, or try contacting me via Facebook. On that note, i’ve been in touch with everyone who contributed to our SONATA crowdfunding campaign, and your perks have either already gone out or, in the case of the DVDs, will go out next week. If You’re still waiting to hear from me, please get in touch… Thanks!


Sonata successfully funded!

We did it!!! Completely exhausted and looking forward to spending a little time offline… in the end, we had to pump some of our own funds into the campaign as well to make it work, but that doesn’t make us any less grateful to all of You who supported, financially, emotionally, spiritually – those who posted and shared the campaign around, and those who offered perks in exchange for supporting us.

A special shoutout goes to my bro and our campaign manager Zwoisy who went above and beyond in making this happening…

We’ll be in touch with each of You individually in the coming weeks to thank You again personally and of course, to arrange for perk fulfillment!

And keep an eye out for SONATA in the Fall!

Much love from SONATA central,

David & Crew

campaign fallout

Campaign Fallout


Support us on startnext!!

Sonata Campaign

Our Campaign on startnext

After the success of the world’s first contemporary dance porn film, Quintet – a choreopornographic experiment – in the last two years, the time has come to make SONATA, the second part of what is shaping up to be a trilogy. We have an amazing cast lined up, and are to commence shooting next month! Now all we need to do is FUND it! We appreciate each and every bit of support that comes our way (no donation too low, seriously). Check out our campaign on startnext, and please spread the word via every channel, physical, digital, spiritual, available to You! Thank You so much!

Let’s put the FUN in funding!



Welcome to my new website, designed by the brilliant Frances d’Ath.

Here You will find the newest latest, hippest freshest on my choreographic and teaching work.

Occasionally i will elaborate and elucidate on important issues of the day surrounding dance, art, food, sexuality, and my dreams that combine them all…

One Love!

David Bloom

Photo by Odeta Catana