Winter News – Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin


Happy Goyishe New Year to all!

I hope it brings You all You want and need, and hopefully some of those are identical. 2019 finds me enormously grateful for every day i spend with those i love, doing what i love.

Here’s what i’ll be doing to spread the gospel in coming weeks:

Morning Classes: January 14-17, 10:30-12:00 daily, teaching Pleasure – a Contemporary Technique Class at K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie/ Tanzplan Hamburg.

Teaching On Intimacy in Process and Performance for the Master of Contemporary Dance Education (MA CoDE) in Frankfurt am Main, January 21-22.

New Ongoing Class at Tanzfabrik (Wedding): Finding the Most Open Question, every Tuesday evening, 20:00 to 21:30, starting January 29! Come join me for a research into the choreographic potential of somatic work. More fun than it sounds. Uferstudios, Studio 3! Looking forward to seeing You there!

Sending radical, unconditional, transformative love, from my heart to yours. May this be the year we all empower ourselves and each other.

David B.


November-December News

Happy Autumn, Dance Fans!

I hope this finds You fabulous! The above notes were from a workshop i gave earlier this month to design students at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. I shared one of the wonderful tuning scores by the brilliant Lisa Nelson and asked one of the students to make a note of the tasks we were working with. Being a fine arts & design academy, it came out much nicer than i’m used to – i enjoy the mix of calligraphy and post-modern dance (and the Dutch spelling of “pause/pauze”).

This is what i’ll be up to this month and the next:

November 3 & 4: Teaching two workshops, The Choreography of a Play Party, and the much-needed Discipline, at STRETCH Festival Berlin.

Then running over to Tanzfabrik Berlin to perform with Ingo Reulecke and Kai Evans at Common Ground, Sunday November 4 at 6pm.

Starting November 5, and running through December 19, i’ll be facilitating a Performance Project on Desire – Intimacy in Process and Performance – at Tanzfabrik Berlin. The project is fully booked, but please come to see the final showing on December 19 at 9pm in Uferstudio 3. You can also still join the open class, Pleasure – a contemporary technique class – which will be happening before the performance project every Monday and Wednesday evening at 6:15pm, also November 5 through December 19.

From November 10 to 15, i will be rehearsing my new piece The Universe Project in the frame of a creative residency at Tanzzentrale Nürnberg. There will be a public showing at Tanzzentrale the evening of November 15, and a public conversation about the role of desire in choreography between Nuremberg-based choreographer Barbara Bess and myself at Tafelhalle Nürnberg on November 13.

And finally, on Friday November 23 & Saturday November 24, i will be presenting my one-on-one performance Sexual Fortune Telling at the marvelous PornyDays Festival in Zurich, between 6 and 10pm both days.

Hope to see You there!

Sending lots of love,
David B.


September-October News

Happy Thursday, Dance Fans!

I hope this finds You all happy, healthy, and doing what You love.

Taking a short break from playing piano for the still-fabulous dancers from Tanztheater Wuppertal during their Berlin tour to give You a little update on what’s happening in my corner of the universe:

Tonight, Thursday, August 30, my film Sonata (Part 2 of the Sex & Space Trilogy) will be screening at the Schikaneder Cinema in Vienna as part of the Art of Sex Festival.

Next week, September 3 & 4, i will be co-teaching the class Muscles & Bones with ballet teacher Matthew Thomas as part of Tanzfabrik’s 40 anniversary Jubilee Edition. I’ve been playing piano for Matthew’s class for the past 12 years (!), and this is the first time we’ve been asked to facilitate together. Matthew will begin with a ballet barre, and i will take the class through an exploration of the skeletal system in space. Class is at 4:30pm on the Monday, and 7pm on the Tuesday.

September 20: Performing in Dessau at the new Bauhaus Museum (opening next year) as part of their pre-opening get-to-know-the-space program. See me perhaps trying to fit into one of those Oskar Schlemmer costumes!

October 1 & 2: Teaching a workshop at the Rietveld Academie for Fine Arts & Design in Amsterdam. Very excited to be working with the students in the TXT (Textile) department, who are focusing on space & movement this semester.

Also still places available for my Tanzfabrik Performance Project on Desire, happening every Monday & Wednesday evening from November 5 until December 19, with a showing on the 19th. Check it out here!

Wishing You a wonderful day and hoping to see You at one of these or elsewhere!

David B.


Summer News

Photo by Roberto Duarte

Happy Summer, Dance Fans!

I hope this finds You fabulous. Apologies for the long silence (or alternately, You’re welcome!) – i have been on a bit of a mini-sabbatical the past few months, questioning, questing, re-assessing.

And now, for upcoming hoo-hah and assorted:

Next weekend, July 20-27 in Berlin, is the fabulous STRETCH Summer Festival (for men*), where i will be facilitating two workshops, Spanking for Beginners at 4:30pm on the Friday, and Moving from the Bones, a contemporary dance class on the Sunday at 11am. It will be my fourth time at STRETCH and i can only invite You to what is always a wonderfully heart-opening festival and beautiful community.

In the fall, i am very excited to be sharing my research as part of Tanzfabrik Berlin’s Performance Project Series, every Monday and Wednesday for seven weeks from November 5 to December 19. There will always be a 90-minute contemporary dance class on Pleasure as a potential path for accessing “technique” at 6:15pm which is open for anyone to join, followed by the Performance Project, on Desire, from 8:00-10:00pm, which is for a closed group and will culminate in a showing on December 19. You’re more than welcome to join both the class and project for the full experience, or drop in to the class occasionally (also see the full description below).

Hope to see You around and wishing You all a fantastic rest of your summer!

David B.


March-April News

Happy Spring from New York, Dance Fans!

Hope this all finds You staying warm. Just a quick message to let You know about some goings-on in the next two months.

First up NEXT WEEK (including this weekend), teaching Pleasure (a contemporary technique class) at Marameo Berlin. Come join me and help me prove that it’s still possible to get folks to dance with you even if you’re off social media!
Class times are Saturday March 24 & Sunday March 25 at 13:00, and Monday March 26, Wednesday March 28, & Friday March 30 at 14:00 – all at Marameo.

Other happenings in Berlin and elsewhere:

Teaching two workshops at the beyond-fabulous STRETCH Festival (photo above from last year by Jean-Baptiste Huong), Foot Washing Ritual, Friday March 30 at 11:00, and Gut Feelings, Sunday April 1 at 11:00.

Teaching Pleasure (a contemporary technique class) at Tanzquartier in Vienna, April 3-6 & 9-12, 10:45-12:30 daily, with the workshop Desire – on Intimacy in Process and Performance – on Saturday April 7, 13:00-18:00. Contact Tanzquartier for details. Thrilled to be making my debut at this fine institution.

Shapeshifters, part three of the Sex & Space Trilogy, will be screening at the London Porn Film Festival, Friday April 13 at 22:30, and Sunday April 15 at 15:00.

Teaching The Choreography of a Play Party, Saturday April 28 & Sunday April 29, 11:00 to 15:00 both days, at Hacker Porn Film Festival in Rome. On the Saturday evening, i will also be presenting my predictive one-on-one performance Sexual Fortune Telling at the festival.

Looking forward to running into You here or there –

Sending Love,
David B.


February-March News

Foot Washing Ritual

Foot Washing Ritual

Happy New Gregorian, Dance Fans!

The big news is that as of shabbos two weeks ago, i’m now OFF SOCIAL MEDIA. I’m officially declaring the social media experiment FAILED and celebrated last week by going to a Tarkovsky film festival that i learned about from a POSTER IN THE SUBWAY. I’m experiencing a certain amount of FOMO (Mom & Dad, click here), but also a great deal of energy and enlightenment.Please don’t hesitate to keep me in the loop about all your goings-on, subscribe me to your mailing list, let me know about anything happening You think i might be interested in. CALL ME!

This is also happening this month and next:

TOMORROW, Wednesday February 6: Substituting for Johanne Castille Bro’s Contemporary Dance Class at Tanzfabrik Berlin at 4:45pm. Feeling spontaneous? Come over! I promise some spirals and some of my usual witty repartee.

Sonata, part two of the Sex & Space Trilogy, will be screening at the festival La Boca Erótica in Madrid on Saturday February 10 at 7pm. It will also screen at the Vienna Porn Film Festival on March 3 at 7:30pm

Odd Jobs Dept.: This coming Sunday, February 11 at 3pm, i will be giving a tour of the exhibition Archaeomusica in Brandenburg an der Havel, about an hour outside of Berlin. Don’t ask how i became an expert on musical instruments from the Stone Age through the early Middle Ages, but if You want to know the difference between a carnyx and a bird-bone flute, You should definitely join this one!

Shapeshifters, part three of Sex & Space, will be screening at the Cinekink Festival in New York City, running from March 14-18. As i will be visiting Mom, who actually lives within walking distance of the Film Anthology Archives, i will be there live and in person!

The last week of March, i will be teaching Pleasure (a contemporary technique class) at Marameo Berlin, March 24/25 at 1pm, and March 26/28/30 at 2pm.

Also from March 30-April 1 in Berlin, i will be presenting two workshops – a Foot Washing Ritual (see photo above) and Gut Feelings – at the fabulous STRETCH Festival (for men*).

April Preview: From April 3-12, i will be teaching two weeks of Pleasure (a contemporary technique class) at Tanzquartier in Vienna, with the short workshop Desire (on Intimacy in Process and Performance) interspersed on Saturday April 7. Super happy to be making my debut at this fabulous institution.

That’s it for now – i will most likely send out another missive towards the end of March and then return to my usual rhythm of sending something out every two months.

Sending lots of love out there your way, into the void. See You soon IN REAL LIFE.

David B.


November-December News

Happy Scorpio Season, Dance Fans!

A couple of items happening over the next few months:

First off, this coming weekend, it’s time for the Body IQ Festival again, at Somatische Akademie Berlin, November 17-19. This year’s theme is Body Democacy // Democratic Body, and my contribution will be a workshop titled The Antidote to Capitalism is Community, on the Sunday at 4pm. Last year’s festival was amazing, so really looking forward to this one!

Two screenings:

Shapeshifters, Part Three of the Sex & Space Trilogy, will be screening at the fabulous PornyDays Festival in Zurich as part of the Short Film Competition on Friday, November 24 at 8:40pm, and Saturday, November 25 at 11pm.

Sonata, Part Two of the Trilogy, will be screening at La Boca Erótica Festival in Madrid, December 1 & 2. Check the festival page for exact screening times.

SECS BS Winner Laurels

I’m also super happy to report that Sonata won the Best Short Film Award at the Seattle Erotic Cinema Society’s SECS Fest in September! My first award ever!

And finally, before heading into Berlin hibernation mode for real, i’ll be performing my one-on-one show Sexual Fortune Telling at Altes Finanzamt in Berlin on December 20, from 7pm on. Come and get in touch with your sexual past, present, and especially FUTURE. See You there!

Lots of love and warm wishes in the cold season,

David B.


September-October News

Photo by Roberto Duarte

Photo by Roberto Duarte

Dear Dance Fans!

I hope this finds You all fabulous! A few short notes to let You know what’s going on in my world in the coming months.

TOMORROW, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28! – DO forgive the short notice, and then DO join me for a screening of Sonata – part two of the Sex & Space Trilogy, as part of Lick & Listen#7, at 8pm at IPA Bar Berlin. Fecunda Lab hosts this series of “ethical porn” films combined with Live Music – Sonata is being scored for the evening by musician Marcello S. Busato. Curious to see (and hear) this one.

October 18, 8:30pm, at Somatische Akademie Berlin: a showing of The Universe Project, the new dance piece i’ve been working on (last seen at the end of a Tanzfabrik Open Spaces Residency at Uferstudios in July) with dancers Paweł Dudus & Laura Eva Meuris, sound by Kay Karl and cranio-sacral dramaturgy by Nica Berndt-Caccivio. The showing is part of SINCE – Somatics in Creation, curated by Ingo Reulecke, a series featuring artists working with somatic approaches.

October 28/29, at The Village Berlin: Teaching two workshops on The Choreography of a Play Party at STRETCH IMAGINE, a festival for men*, exploring sensuality, spirituality, and community.

October 23 to November 10, at the Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin: Teaching a three-week seminar On Intimacy in Process and Performance in the B.A. “Dance, Context, Choreography” program. This is my first extended venture into university teaching, and i’m really curious and excited to see how the work goes over in that environment…

November Preview:
November 17-19, teaching the workshop The Antidote to Capitalism is Community at the Body IQ Festival, taking place at Somatische Akademie Berlin. Last year’s festival was an amazing experience, and this year’s theme is Body Democracy/Democratic Body, which speaks to my current interest in the effect that artistic work, and specifically somatics, can have on social and political realities.

Hope to see You at ALL of these things – or for a matcha latte around town… Lots of LOVE

xxx, David B.
Pronouns: he/him/his


The Universe Project at Uferstudios and Other Summer News

Naming It

Photo by Renae Shadler

Dear Dance Fans,

Before taking a bit of a Summer break for some much-needed family time, there will be a first work-in-progress showing in Berlin (following a residency at Tanzfabrik) of my new piece The Universe Project at Uferstudios (Studio 4), in the framework of Tanzfabrik’s Open Spaces/Sommer Tanz 2017:


I will be sharing the evening with the tremendous Renae Shadler, showing her piece “And She saw that it was good”. Both pieces are part of the Naming It research project that Renae and i began last year. After several years of film work, i’m really looking forward to sharing some live moments with my collaborators, the beautiful performers Laura Eva Meuris and Paweł Dudus, and the majestic musician Kay Karl of Gong Sound Healing Arts. Cranio-Sacral Dramaturgy was provided by Nica Berndt-Caccivio, and we’ll be dancing desire, intersubjectivity, nonduality, and magick, besides everything else in the Universe. It’s free and no need to register. See You there!

At the end of the month, i will be heading to Vienna for the IDOCDE Symposium, July 28-30, in the framework of the ImPulsTanz Festival – this year’s symposium theme is “why compromise? mind the dance.” I will be giving the warmup on one of the symposium days, with a class called “The Antidote to Capitalism is Community”.

Finally, August 17-20, it is my pleasure to teach two workshops, “Group Dynamics of Desire” and “The Choreography of a Play Party”, as well as screen the Sex & Space Film Trilogy at The Summer House Weekend, at a top-secret location in the countryside outside of London, which i hear is an experience! Come join us!

Wishing You all blissful and blessed moments, and would love to reconnect with You at one of the above, or otherwise soon!

David B.