A solo for Felix Ruckert

Performed at Schwelle 7, Berlin, November 2010

David makes a solo for his former employer and mentor, the Berlin-based choreographer Felix Ruckert. It deals with the private and the public, the consistencies and discrepancies between the two, and questions the meaning of the terms themselves. Felix has already been accused (by David) of constantly playing a role. Does the “real Felix” even exist? And if so, can he be made visible? Or does he only consist of what others project onto him? Will David succeed in turning around the roles that Felix and he were working in for several years? Or in re-interpreting them?


David Bloom
Felix Ruckert
Bob Dylan

Press and Reviews

  1. This is a review from the Süddeutsche Zeitung of the piece: Süddeutsche Zeitung Kurzkritik: Schöne Sünder