Naming It is a duet currently in development between myself and fabulous Australian performer Renae Shadler. It was initiated when Renae stood up in the middle of a Benoît Lachambre workshop we were both taking and started talking about how some people in the space had much better teeth than others and what that implied about their economic, social, and national backgrounds. I instantly asked Renae to work together.

Naming It is about the reciprocal relationship of Language to Reality. Naming things not only separates them from one another and gives them identity, but also can bring them into being. The limits of what can and can’t be named are also explored in the piece drawing on the artists’ somatic practice. In our research, Renae & I touch upon mantras, magick, the writings of philosopher Alva Noë, politics of transparency, and the Book of Genesis.

And they saw that it was good.

Renae Shadler
David Bloom

Previous Performances

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