I invited a group of professional contemporary dancers in Berlin, all of whom are also explorers of conscious sexuality, to use their experience making dance pieces to research and question the border between pornography and art in this 22-minute short film.

How much sexual explicitness is allowed into a “serious” artistic dance film? And how much time and space are allowed in pornography?

Also a tribute to the experimental and sex-positive atmosphere of Berlin in the early 21st century, Quintet brings together work with dance, movement & conscious sexuality to create a unique erotic visual experience. Sound design by the extraordinary Jassem Hindi.

The project was both my first dance film, and my first experience trying to raise money for a project through crowdfunding. We did fairly well on both counts, besides almost getting kicked off the crowdfunding platform for “inappropriate content” Quintet was first shown at the Porn Film Festival Berlin (Oct 23-27, 2013 at the Moviemento Cinema).


Liz Pierrot
Jorgos Periklis
Jadzia Daxxx
Eva Marino
David Bloom
Director of Photography
Johan Planefeldt
Jassem Hindi
Editor/Campaign Manager/2nd camera
Keith Meng Lim
Production Manager
Matís d'Arc - luhmen d'arc
Choreographed, directed, and produced by
David Bloom

Ropes provided by luhmen d’arc. Get your exuberant ropes here!

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