// // // Cork, Ireland

Photo by Roberto Duarte as part of the filming session for his film Transferences

Dance, Sexuality, & Magick all deal with similar things from different angles. In this workshop, we will start from the body itself, working somatically from sensation into movement, before bringing attention to the spacetime we are moving through, and our relation to other bodies in the space. We will use Desires that emerge intersubjectively as tools through which to enter heightened energetic states. We will play with these states and use them to set clear intentions.

All participants will be invited to work at their own pace, and respect for one’s own boundaries and those of others will be a priority.

David brings over 20 years of experience working in the fields of contemporary dance, somatic work, and conscious sexuality to this workshop. In it, we will use the energy of that specific group on that specific day to create a ritual, using what is already present.