Sexuality and Desire are omnipresent in advertising, entertainment, and corporate capitalism in general, but the image presented of what is desired and desirable is often fairly far removed from most people’s authentic interests.

This workshop is an attempt to bring into focus the gap between how we perform our sexual being in the digital age, and our actual connections to those around us.

Drawing on my experience from years of studying and facilitating Conscious Sexuality practices such as Tantra & BDSM, as well as performance and choreography, we will be breathing, working somatically, and diving into improvisational scores based on desire as well as our projections. We will also have discussions on how presentation, identity, desire, intersubjectivity, and erotic energy all intersect and inform each other, as well as how we can use authentic uncensored desire (and not just the erotic kind) as a tool to create artistic work.

It is also a research into transparency around relationships of power, gender, desire, attraction, and repulsion within the structure of artistic projects. It questions the myth of the “project” as a parallel universe in which nothing that happens as any real-world consequences – and hence, the boundaries of those involved are different from those in “real life”. It proposes a holistic approach to making art that both draws from and affects our personal, social, and political realities.