What does it mean to do something with our bodies communally? What can you get from taking a dance class together that you can’t get from any other experience? And what is contemporary dance “technique” in a world where anything goes?

For the past couple of years, i’ve been intensely involved with somatic approaches to movement, and this class is an attempt to bring together that self-exploratory and potentially healing process with the more external structure of a contemporary technique class. I believe it is possible to remain aware and embodied even while enacting set exercises and sequences, and that this combination can give the performer a wide variety of options. Dance & choreography can become not just action, but equally non-action: receiving, observing, and listening. Pleasure can become a path to truly embodying given “steps”.
The class begins from sensing the body itself somatically, and then brings awareness to the spacetime we are moving through, using a combination of improvisation proposals, technical “exercises”, and set movement sequences.
I’m also very interested in the idea of “taking class” itself, what it means to do so and what intentions people bring to the space. We will use the energy of the group present on that particular day, at that particular time, to create a unique experience and a joyful practice. What you practice regularly is always what you become good at, and if you practice the joy of dance, the joy will grow.

David Bloom

Photo by David Bergé