// // Karada House // Berlin
// // Touch & Play Festival // Barcelona

This workshop explores the connection between artistic work, especially dance, and processes of conscious sexuality.
Participating in an orgy may be one of the human world’s most common sexual fantasies, but how does this fantasy relate to the actual situation of being in a space with a variety of other people, not all of whom one is attracted to equally (and vice versa), and how does one take the time to respect one’s own boundaries and the boundaries of others in the light of so much sexual energy?
David shares his experience as director/choreographer of the universe’s first two contemporary dance porn films ever, and curator of the legendary Berlin sex party Friends & Lovers, to question how we can use artistic practices to work with erotic energy consciously. These include:




This workshop is intended for those interested in dance, conscious sexuality, and seeing things from different perspectives.Sonata

Sonata – Photo by René de Sans