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David Bloom

Performing in Akemi Nagao’s Juicy Metamorphosis

This Website currently fermenting, and UNDER CONSTRUCTION…

Check back soon for the full scoop!

In the meantime, check out my Vimeo page, the trailer to my last solo Alles Vergängliche, contact me, or join me at one of the following events:

The Dance of Now, choreography for B.A. students at HfMdK Frankfurt, February 10-12. Gallus Theater, Frankfurt
NEW SOLO: nigunim, at Tanzfabrik Berlin (Uferstudios), March 23-25
Performing in SOILED, by Michael Turinsky, March 3 & 4 (Tanzquartier Vienna), and June 2 & 3 (PACT Zollverein, Essen)
Teaching workshops on Freedom & Form at the Somatic Performance Lab at Kulturforum Fürth April 12-16, at motionlab Cologne April 29 & 30, and for luhmen d’arc in Zurich June 9-11
Playing piano for ballet classes with Rebecca Gladstone at Marameo Berlin, May 15, 17, 19
Teaching a workshop on Embodied Fermentation at Floating University, Re-Gaining Ecological Futures, Berlin, June 22-25

Hello. I’m David Bloom. I’m a choreographer, dancer, teacher, father, filmmaker, pianist, bodyworker, fermenting Jewish mystic, and tea collector.

I graduated from the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (HfMdK) in Frankfurt and the M.A. Choreography course at HZT Berlin, as well as the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program with Barbara Carellas. I was a member of the dance ensemble at Staatstheater Darmstadt, and have collaborated as a dancer on projects by Tino Sehgal, Marco Santi, Nir de Volff/Total Brutal, Micha Purucker, Ingo Reulecke & Lukas Matthaei, Canan Erek, Friederike Plafki, Barbara Bess, Susanna Curtis, Felix Ruckert, Akemi Nagao, Martin Nachbar, and Michael Turinsky.

My dance film trilogy Sex & Space premiered at the Berlin Porn Film Festival and was screened internationally. My choreography has also been shown as part of Tanzfabrik Berlin’s “Open Spaces” Series, at Dock11 Berlin, La Fête du Slip in Lausanne, and the Stockholm Dance Film Festival. I was a 2012 danceWEB scholar and have taught classes, workshops, and seminars in diverse contexts, including HZT Berlin, Tanzquartier Vienna, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Human Architecture Lab in St. Petersburg, the K3 Center for Choreography in Hamburg, the M.A. of Contemporary Dance Education in Frankfurt, STRETCH Festival Berlin, the Body IQ Festival Berlin, the Rietveld Academie for Fine Arts & Design in Amsterdam, & the ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna.

For the past decade or so, my work has revolved around questions of Desire, Intimacy, Boundaries, Power Relationships, Consent, and Group Dynamics. Other interests include Cross-Pollination, Pleasure, Space, Cellular Structures, the Digestive System, Fermentation, Sourdough, Beauty, Breath, Time, Spirit, Time, and Transformation.

Are you fermenting?



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