“But I could never do THAT in a piece!”

Choreography as an Active & Receptive Practice

Still from the online version of Alles Vergängliche (2021)

Desires & Boundaries, in many different manifestations, are issues i’ve been working/dealing/teaching with for about 10 years now. In this workshop, drawing on that process, & the development of the solo performance Alles Vergängliche, we will consider the Desires that arise while making work. Where do they come from? What do we do with them? Are they friends? Allies? Enemies? Lovers?

We will begin by working with each other as mirrors of Desire, then expand our awareness to include our Desires towards our work, & the Universe at large. What role do biography, identity, politics, spirituality, history, society, & so forth, play in our process of creation, & how do we let all of them in, or if we prefer, keep some of them out?

This workshop is for anyone who has ever had doubts about their choices while making work.