Men* touching Men*

Still from Quintet – a choreopornographic experiment (2013)

Men*, especially cis-gendered ones, take up a lot of space & hold a lot of power over others in this world. But does “power over” always equal “empowerment”, & is it possible to be an ally to those less privileged from a place of personal groundedness & responsibility rather than apology? Can listening & receiving be sources of strength for men* as well?

This workshop proposes that the way men* relate to each other has a strong effect on the way they relate to others, & that somatic work has an important role to play in offering a safer space to explore tenderness, sensuality, & mutual support between men*, regardless of their gender or orientation.
By men*, we refer to anyone who identifies as a man or who moves along the spectrum of masculinity, e.g. cis-, trans*- & inter*men & non-binary persons. We consider the terms man*, male* & masculine* to be a matter of self-definition.