One-on-One Performance

Sexual Fortune Telling

Sexual Fortune Telling is a one-on-one performance that uses intersubjective ritual & erotic energy to make a highly accurate prediction about the visitor’s sexual future (about 6-12 months after the date of the reading). The Magic is real. However, the reading is cleverly framed as an art piece so that everyone can just relax & enjoy the experience (each reading lasts about 10-15 minutes).

At a New Year’s Eve party I was looking for an avenue of escape (I hate crowds) when I discovered a small room that was begging to have fortunes told in. I promptly set up a space to tell guests’ sexual futures for the coming year, thus allowing me to cultivate a performative practice while avoiding the party. It’s a practice I have since followed up on & developed.

The photos below are from a Sexual Fortune Telling performance at Arteles Creative Center in Haukijärvi, Finland, where i was fortunate enough to be a resident in May 2014, & where the performance was first developed, & at Karada House Berlin, where i performed it in 2019.

Here is an article (in German) in VICE Magazine about the performance at the PornyDays Festival in Zurich in 2018.



Sat 07 Mar, 2015 // 07:00 pm // La Fête du Slip // Lausanne
Wed 20 Dec, 2017 // 07:00 pm-11:00 pm // Altes Finanzamt // Berlin
Sat 28 Apr, 2018 // 07:00 pm // Hacker Porn Film Festival // Rome
Fri 23-Sat 24 Nov, 2018 // 06:00 pm-10:00 pm // PornyDays Festival // Zurich
Fri 23 Aug, 2019 // 07:00 pm // Karada House // Berlin