Interactive performance/party/social sculpture

Friends & Lovers was a gathering hosted at my apartment roughly every two or three months from Fall 2010 to Spring 2013. Although ostensibly a party, it involved a common starting ritual, and evolved into something of a performance with constantly changing roles of performers and spectators.

It also related to my definition of “choreography” as being about opening up spaces for events to occur.

Dear …

You’re invited to our place for dinner! And an evening of sensuality and open heart chakras. Saturday, 8pm at our place.

In the society we live in, there’s a tendency to attempt to keep friendships and romantic/sexual relationships as separate as possible. We believe that there are many more possibilities than just being “friends” or “lovers”. And our richest relationships have been with friends who were lovers, and with lovers who were friends.

If You’re invited to this social experiment/dinner party, it’s because we think You’re beautiful and would really like You to be there.

The problem with many “sex parties” is that it’s about ACTION. Getting together with people who want to experience certain things. And while there’s definitely space for that, we’ve found it’s less important to us WHAT happens, and more important WHO is there. (even if it ends up being “just” dinner…)

So please join us for this installment of the “Friends & Lovers” party. Bring a friend who You always were curious about as a lover, or a lover who You always wanted to become friends with, or come alone. We’re looking forward to You!

Much love, many friendly kisses,

Federica & David

Friends & Lovers

Friends & Lovers

David Bloom & Federica Fiore