A Workshop on solo and group improvisation as a choreographic tool, and the complexity of simplicity

The work brings together my experience in dance, music, martial arts, yoga, and choreography to explore improvisation as a tool for choreographic work, for transmitting ideas and for bringing into focus the energy of a particular group at a specific moment.

The day begins with a series of somatic exercises, intended to sharpen our perception of our bodies, of the other bodies in the space, and of the space itself.

We then will begin laying down structures for solo and group improvisations, starting from the simplest scores possible, based on body, time and space. Later we will add layers of tools that emerge during the process; we will react to what we perceive and feed it back into the composition. The intention is not only to make the improvisation more complex, but also to become aware of individual and group decision-making processes.

Through this layering of improv tools, we can create a real-time composition that is at the same time spontaneous and playful and also very clearly specific to this particular group, time and place. The layers create richness and complexity while maintaining clarity.

It is even possible to improvise on a particular theme or motif, not by using conventional choreographic tools of deconstruction, but rather by creating a specific atmosphere, allowing the actions to emerge from this environment.

The term “find the most open question” emerged from a conversation on choreography with Emilyn Claid