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Thu 20 Jul, 2017
Tanzfabrik Open Spaces

Thu 25 – Sun 28 Nov, 2021
08:30 pm-09:30 pm
Dock 11, Berlin

The Universe Project

Desire emerges between bodies, & between bodies & the space. There is no such thing as desire in a vacuum, or at least none that we have access to. The Universe Project looks at desire not from the perspective of the individual but as arising intersubjectively.

Photo by Renae Shadler

It also emerged from my experience of a sound bath with large silver gongs played by yoga & gong master Kay Karl. I’m curious to expand the effect of the gongs’ vibrations on the cells & fluids of the body into the surrounding environment through movement. Could an immersive space be created, in which a non-dualistic reality could be physically experienced, & boundaries between bodies, between bodies & space, between performers & audience members, & boundaries between different ways of reading a movement, could be dissolved?

I am also interested in extending the question of interconnectedness to the emergence of “meaning”. That is, the associations that images, constellations, relationships of bodies in space evoke in an observer – & whether they can ever exist independently of the observer’s cultural background.

In this way, I am interested in researching the idea of non-dualism on both a physical level, as well as a kind of collective consciousness which is becoming, by physical & technological means, more & more global, somewhere between the idea of a “hive mind” facilitated by the internet, & archaic rituals such as gong baths that create a collective state.

Photos by Dieter Hartwig




David Bloom


Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)



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