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HOT HOT Summer News

10 Jun, 2021

Dear Dance Fans!

I hope this finds You joyful. Here in Berlin, we have now become one big sidewalk restaurant. It’s nice to see everyone out & about (& showing off, as it is Berlin), & also very surreal. & all of a sudden, THINGS! Are HAPPENING! In my favorite parallel universe, the Contemporary Dance World.
I will try to keep it as short as possible, but may fail.

First off, Throwback Thursday: Late mazel tov & shoutout to the se+iest performance duo since Marina & Ulay, Lucy Wilke & Paweł Dudus, on the success of their production Scores That Shaped Our Friendship, which was invited to the Deutsches Theatertreffen last month, which means they are now officially one of the 10 BEST PERFORMANCES of the past year. & before You say, David, since when do You consider institutional acclaim to be the indicator of artistic quality?, i say to You: WHENEVER IT COINCIDES WITH MY OWN OPINION! Full disclosure: i worked on this piece as an outside eye with Paweł & Lucy in Munich last year, but only for a few days. I will take credit for having introduced them to each other, though 😉
Just saw that the piece is actually still available online, but only until tomorrow (June 11), so check it out!

From TODAY, June 10 until June 23, my solo performance Alles Vergängliche, to Gustav Mahler’s 8th symphony & the daily news, will be streaming again online as part of Tanzfabrik Berlin’s Open Spaces series. Since the performance was from February, not all the daily news is completely current anymore, but if You missed it, just watch it now as a period piece!

Next week & the week after, Tuesday to Thursday, June 15-17 & 22-24, 10:30-12:00 (Vienna time) all days, i will be giving the online morning classes at Tanzquartier Vienna, Finding the Most Open Question. Join me quickly before online classes go completely out of fashion!

July 20 & 21, at LAKE Studios Berlin’s SUBMERGE Festival, i am super excited be offering the workshop “But I could never do THAT in a Piece!” – Choreography as an Active & Receptive Practice from 10:00-16:00 both days. Based on the process leading to the solo Alles Vergängliche, we will consider the Desires that arise while making work. Where do they come from? What do we do with them? Are they friends? Allies? Enemies? Lovers?
The workshop is aimed at anyone who has ever had doubts about their choices while making work, & is DONATION-BASED (Thank You, Marcela, LAKE Studios, & the city of Berlin!). Apply by filling out the registration form here, & sending your CV to

Also at SUBMERGE: After the workshop, i will be showing the piece, Alles Vergängliche, LIVE, & updated with the current daily news, on July 24, at 20:00, sharing a performance evening with Saida Makhmudzade.

The day after the performance, i jump on the S-Bahn & head on over to IKSK Berlin (Institut für Körperforschung und Se+uelle Kultur – Institute for Body Politics & Se+ual Culture), where i am very happy to be facilitating a little workshop on Sensual Somatics as part of their Summer Festival Program on Sunday, July 25, at 13:30. (the festival runs Friday-Sunday, July 23-25)

From July 28-August 1 at the Kulturforum in Fürth, choreographer Barbara Bess is organizing Inner Landscapes – a Somatic Performance Lab. Barbara has been doing important artistic work in that region since we graduated from the M.A. Choreography course here in Berlin together, over 10 years ago (!), & i’m very happy to be joining her & the excellent Body-Mind-Centering teacher (who is also a doctor, & all-around lovely person) Christian Meier, for 5 days of exploration, fermentation, & fun times in the Kulturforum, a former slaughterhouse & now cultural center. The lab is actually FOR FREE thanks to Barbara’s efforts & Bavarian funding structures, & is addressed to artists across all disciplines. Application with CV & motivation letter to Deadline for applications: June 30
Barbara’s website here
FB event here
It’s also a very beautiful part of Germany & i can highly recommend coming down & checking it out!

Congratulations on making it this far down, & really hope You can make it to any or all of the above. & if not, feel free to drop me a line anyway, so i know You’re still out there!

Sending love from Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg,
David B.