SONATA is the second dance film in the Sex & Space Trilogy, exploring the intersection of pornography and choreography, after 2013’s Quintet – a choreopornographic experiment, and premiered at the Berlin Porn Film Festival 2015, October 21-25 at the Moviemento Cinema. SONATA focuses on musicality, phrasing, and combining voice & movement. It is a study of the body’s inside and outside, and features movement initiated from the digestive system, artsy costumes, and fruit.

SECS BS Winner Laurels

Sonata won the award for Best Short Film at the Seattle Erotic Cinema Society’s 2017 SECS Fest.

Below are some impressions of the shooting by photographer René de Sans, and a short trailer.


Jorgos Periklis
Eva Marino
Jadzia Daxxx
David Bloom
Choreographed & Directed by
David Bloom
Director of Photography
Johan Planefeldt
Assistant Director, Second Camera, Dogsbody
Keith Meng Lim

Press and Reviews

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