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// // PornyDays Festival // Zurich

At a New Year’s Eve party I was looking for an avenue of escape (I hate crowds) when I discovered a small room that was begging to have fortunes told in. I promptly set up a space to tell guests’ sexual futures for the coming year, thus allowing me to cultivate a performative practice while avoiding the party. It’s a practice I have since followed up on and developed.

Sexual Fortune Telling is a one-on-one performance that uses intersubjective ritual and erotic energy to make a highly accurate prediction about the visitor’s sexual future (about 6-12 months after the date of the reading). The Magick is real. However, the reading is cleverly framed as an art piece so that everyone can just relax and enjoy the experience (each reading lasts about 10-15 minutes).


The photos below are from a Sexual Fortune Telling performance at Arteles Creative Center, where i was fortunate enough to be a resident in May 2014, and where the performance was first developed.

Previous Performances

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