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Classes Online Again!

2 Nov, 2020

Hey Dancers! Sorry for the extemporaneous email – i like to keep these to 4 a year, to avoid getting on your shit list. Just wanted to let You know that my weekly Tuesday evening classFinding the Most Open Question at Tanzfabrik Berlin will be going back ONLINE again, as of tomorrow, November 3, due to the new regulations starting this week. Say whatever You want, i’ll miss being in the studio, but i’ll take it for living in a country right now with a femme scientist as head of state. Time will still be 8:15pm in Berlin (although the online version is only 60 minutes), & signup is through the website fitogram.
The bad news is, we’re back in the middle of a global pandemic, the good news is, You can now join my class again from Vienna, Portland, & Johannesburg! So things balance each other out.
Let me know if You have any questions!
Stay healthy, stay grounded, check out my sourdough dance video if You haven’t yet, i love You all.
See You soon!
David B.