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Spring into Virtual News

9 Mar, 2020

Dear Indoor Dancers,

I hope this finds You happy & healthy in these strange & shifting times. I had a sermon prepared on transformation, introspection, & setting priorities, but in the spirit of spending less time online (see priorities above), i won’t launch into it, & rather focus on letting You know what’s not happening & what is (for the confused: i’ve been expanding my culinary explorations during this time inside, & image above is of my homemade extra spicy mango pickle, which i’ll be more than happy to make for You once this is over. Whatever “this” is).

Not cancelled, but rather TRANSFORMED! My regular Tuesday evening classes at Tanzfabrik Berlin, Finding the Most Open Question, playing with & around Somatics, Performance, G*d/dess, the Universe, Time & Space, have moved ONLINE & are now part of Tanzfabrik’s online class program. Join me for 60 minutes every Tuesday at 6:30pm (Berlin time). Email me at to register (at least an hour before the class starts) & for more info. International friends, join me in your own time zone, too! Very curious to check out various possibilities of sensing & moving within the spaces (of various sizes) that we inhabit in “real life” (outside the studio).
From April 22 on, the plan is to restart classes at Tanzfabrik’s Kreuzberg locationWednesdays from 8 to 9:30pm, should things be open again… note the shift from Wedding to Kreuzberg & from Tuesday to Wednesday.

So the STRETCH Festival for Men*, April 10-12, has been, of course, cancelled, & my Introduction to S+x Magick class to go with it. Stay tuned for the most likely rebirth of the Festival in its Summer incarnation, July 17-19.

Also canceled, or should i say postponed: Weekend workshops on DESIRE & Performance in London (early May) & Helsinki (late May – very probably happening in October).

Presumably NOT canceled, quite a unique summer school, INNER LANDSCAPES (all the info here), organized by my friend & colleague Barbara Bess in Bavaria, at Kulturforum Fürth, from June 17-21. I will be facilitating around Desire & Performance, while Barbara will be offering Atmospheric Composition, & Christian Meier will be facilitating sessions on Body-Mind-Centering. Working with Barbara & Christian has been extremely rich for me personally, & this is a great opportunity to join us super cheaply – the lab is being supported by the city & state.

The Somatic Performance Lab addresses young performers, visual artists, dancers, who are interested in an intense, professional confrontation with the instrument that is the body in motion. For five days, we will come into movement together, research, & develop choreographic material.

Motivation letter & CV (German or English) to:

Application deadline: May 15th, 2020

Participation fee: € 30

& for those of You missing my live piano accompaniment at HZT, Marameo, or Tanzfabrik, here’s a very short clip of a little quarantine birthday improv i did for my uncle-in-law:
Password: happybearsday

Lots of Love, virtual hugs, kisses,
David B.