Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Upcoming Teaching
  3. Classes
    1. Pleasure – a contemporary technique class
    2. Finding The Most Open Question
    3. The Antidote to Capitalism is Community
  4. Workshops
    1. Sex and Space — Choreographing the Scene
    2. The Choreography of a Play Party
    3. Dance Into Sex Magick
    4. Desire – on Intimacy in Process and Performance
    5. BDSM & Choreography
    6. Private: Foot Washing Ritual
    7. Private: Gut Feelings


I enjoy teaching immensely & find it compliments my performance-making work very well. Artistic work is for me about opening up a space for things to happen, as well as about the personal process of all concerned, not just the “author”. So teaching & making choreography come from a very similar place for me. Here are some upcoming dates. There are a number of different workshops & classes i offer, so if You’re interested in booking me for any of them, please get in touch! I love to travel & share my practices in many different contexts.

Upcoming Teaching

Finding The Most Open Question
// // Every Tuesday at Tanzfabrik Wedding Studio 3 // Berlin
Spanking for Beginners
Dance Into Sex Magick
// // // Cork, Ireland
Desire – on Intimacy in Process and Performance
// // M.A. of Contemporary Dance Education // Frankfurt am Main
BDSM & Choreography
// // Authentic Eros // Berlin


Spanking for Beginners

Pain and Pleasure are considered opposites by many, yet both can also simply be heightened states of awareness. We will explore how breath and movement can transform intense sensation into energy, impact into joy.


BDSM & Choreography

Practice, ritual, the relationship of bodies in space, consent, reflection, composition, collaboration, and developing awareness around seeing and being seen.