Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Upcoming Teaching
  3. Classes
    1. Pleasure – a contemporary technique class
    2. The Antidote to Capitalism is Community
  4. Workshops
    1. Desire – on Intimacy in Process and Performance
    2. Sex and Space — Choreographing the Scene
    3. Finding The Most Open Question
    4. The Choreography of a Play Party
    5. Private: Foot Washing Ritual
    6. Private: Gut Feelings


I enjoy teaching immensely & find it compliments my performance-making work very well. Artistic work is for me about opening up a space for things to happen, as well as about the personal process of all concerned, not just the “author”. So teaching & making choreography come from a very similar place for me. Here are some upcoming dates. There are a number of different workshops & classes i offer, so if You’re interested in booking me for any of them, please get in touch! I love to travel & share my practices in many different contexts.

Upcoming Teaching

The Choreography of a Play Party
// // Hacker Porn Film Festival // Rome