Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Upcoming Teaching
  3. Classes
    1. Pleasure – a contemporary technique class
    2. Finding The Most Open Question
    3. The Antidote to Capitalism is Community
  4. Workshops
    1. Embodiment & Desire (with Dr. Christian Meier)
    2. My Lovers, Human and More-Than-Human
    3. “But I could never do THAT in a piece!” – Choreography as an Active and Receptive Practice
    4. Desire – on Intimacy in Process and Performance
    5. Embodied Fermentation/MicroSomatics
    6. Sex and Space — Choreographing the Scene
    7. BDSM & Choreography
    8. Private: Foot Washing Ritual
    9. Private: Gut Feelings
    10. Men* touching Men*


I enjoy teaching immensely & find it compliments my performance-making work very well. Artistic work is for me about opening up a space for things to happen, as well as about the personal process of all concerned, not just the “author”. So teaching & making choreography come from a very similar place for me. Here are some upcoming dates. There are a number of different workshops & classes i offer, so if You’re interested in booking me for any of them, please get in touch! I love to travel & share my practices in many different contexts.

Upcoming Teaching

Pleasure – a contemporary technique class
My Lovers, Human and More-Than-Human
Embodied Fermentation/MicroSomatics
Desire – on Intimacy in Process and Performance



My Lovers, Human and More-Than-Human

How can we expand the Desires that emerge between human beings to include a sensuous, multi-directional relationship to the space itself, and other non-human entities? In other words, how can we cultivate a consensual erotic relationship with the world at large?

Embodied Fermentation/MicroSomatics

Fermenting foods is an essential part of nearly all human cultures – and some nonhuman ones as well! As much as a third of all the food consumed worldwide has been fermented in some way. Many of us, at home with time on our hands during recent lockdowns, have newly rediscovered home fermentation, as a […]

BDSM & Choreography

Practice, ritual, the relationship of bodies in space, consent, reflection, composition, collaboration, and developing awareness around seeing and being seen.