Table of Contents

  1. Upcoming Performances
  2. Current Projects
    1. Alles Vergängliche
    2. The Universe Project
    3. Shapeshifters
    4. Sonata
    5. Quintet – a choreopornographic experiment
    6. Sexual Fortune Telling
  3. Past Projects
    1. Continuous Variation
    2. Bewegungsschreiber
    3. Naming It – Work in Progress
    4. The Ethical Artist’s Cosmology
    5. Fugue
    6. Friends & Lovers
    7. Salvation
    8. Totem
    9. Die Heilige und die Hure
    10. enemy
    11. Compassion
    12. An Object Of Study
    13. Raum #1

Upcoming Performances


Current Projects

The Universe Project

Naming It

Desire emerges between bodies, and between bodies and the space. There is no such thing as desire in a vacuum, or at least none that we have access to. The Universe Project looks at desire not from the perspective of the individual but as arising intersubjectively.



Part Three of the Sex & Space Trilogy. After two porn films with dancers, a dance film with porn stars. No sex or even nudity. Radical!



Part Two of the Sex & Space Trilogy, focusing on musicality, phrasing, and combining voice & movement. It is a study of the body’s inside and outside, and features movement initiated from the digestive system, artsy costumes, and fruit.

Quintet – a choreopornographic experiment

Quintet – a choreo-pornographic experiment

I invited a group of professional contemporary dancers in Berlin, all of whom are also explorers of conscious sexuality, to use their experience making dance pieces to research and question the border between pornography and art in this 22-minute short film.

Past Projects



Bewegungsschreiber was a dance/poetry project initiated by the poet Martina Hefter and the choreographer Ingo Reulecke. They each invited 3 other artists from their respective fields to collaborate with each other on creating a new work, to all be presented in one evening. I collaborated with the poet Daniela Seel.

Continuous Variation

A collective ensemble project researching the role of technology in performance, incorporating analog dance & music performance, as well as motion tracking technology, digital soundscapes, and an interactive visuals system.

The Ethical Artist’s Cosmology

The Ethical Artist’s Cosmology is a social sculpture game that allows public opinion to become visible in space.
Today’s installment tackles subjects like: Are hierarchies always evil? Do we judge our friends by the kind of dance they enjoy? Is all fair in love and art?


Fugue – Claudia Greco

In this six-minute study, a collaboration with the dancer Claudia Greco, we played with the possibility of structuring movement phrases according to musical principles.

Friends & Lovers

Friends & Lovers

Friends & Lovers was a gathering hosted at my apartment roughly every two or three months from Fall 2010 to Spring 2013. Although ostensibly a party, it involved a common starting ritual, and evolved into something of a performance with constantly changing roles of performers and spectators.


David – Salvation

The Artist as a messianic figure who saves their audience through their experiencing “passions” or intense states.


Totem - photo by Anne-Mareike Hess

In July 2011, i worked with the Israeli dancer & choreographer Maya Lipsker to create a solo for her that took place mostly by candlelight in a friend’s apartment.



enemy was performed at the Olivin Wellness Lounge Sauna in Berlin in June 2010. The performance followed a regular sauna ritual in which the audience participated, sweating in the sauna, taking showers, cooling off in the garden, etc.



Laura, Justin, Jim & Kai navigate their way through life in the big city. Sometimes alone, occasionally together. Hosted by Esther Edelstein.

An Object Of Study

Object of Study

“An Object of Study”, is an ongoing collaborative project with the dancer and choreographer Marina Tenório. It deals with improvisation through a methodical exploration of the body’s possibilities. The starting point was research done in the context of Body-Mind-Centering, dealing with movement qualities activated by different organs, liquids and glands.

Raum #1


A choreographic installation for one dancer and one audience member at a time, in the cellar below Berlin’s Kulturbrauerei.